Can I Help You?

You might be considering external consultancy because something isn’t quite going to plan.
Maybe you’re looking for some new ideas?
Industry know-how? Ways to pep-up response,
or stimulate growth? Perhaps simply a little confidence-boosting reassurance that you aren’t doing anything wrong?

Whatever the reason, I understand that you
will have a very specific need, unique to your company, so why not just make a quick call 
and ask me about it? Or even e-mail me 
your telephone number and I’ll call you…
it will cost you nothing except a few minutes
of your day!

I hate wasting time, so I promise I will always
be forthright about whether I think I can help
or not. If I can’t, I will say so. If I can, there’s
still no risk for you because my initial
consultation is completely FREE of charge,
and without any obligation.

Don’t put your business concerns on the
backburner a single day longer – please
call me NOW
 for a friendly, relaxed chat
in complete confidence.

I Can Help You!

Some of my specialities include:

Health-checks, critique and forensics for catalogues, websites, mailings, advertisements and campaigns

Product and supplier sourcing and development

Analysis techniques that identify and capitalise on your real winners and prevent you from selecting unwanted losers

Promotions and incentives guaranteed to uplift sales

Making the most of product sales

Making the most of customer response

Making the most of selling space and layout

Print-based volume customer acquisition campaigns

Copy writing and proof reading for profit and success