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Thank you for viewing my website. Hopefully, you’ve visited because you’re a catalogue or multi-channel mail order company, or you’re soon hoping to become one! Welcome… you’re in the right place!

Catalogue & Mail Order Services is a trading name
used by Laurence White (that's me on the left)!
I'm a direct marketing consultant and I aim to provide
cost-effective, profit-enhancing advice to all kinds of home
shopping, e-commerce and distance selling companies,
based on my own successful (and real!) commercial experiences.

My website is purposely concise because it's unlikely
that you're looking for a hefty, long-winded
explanation of things you already know about, or
that aren’t even relevant to your business.

You probably have a very specific need, unique to
your company, which you will want to ask questions
about anyway.

And I'm ready to answer those questions for you
right now. I'll happily give you my honest opinion as
to whether I can help or not. Without any charge,
without any obligation, and without any risk.

So why wait? Please contact me and let me
personally provide you with a no-nonsense response
your enquiry today.